Dan Dare Annual 1979

Dan Dare Annual 1979 filled a gap between the two series of Eagle Annual, bringing back Dan and the popular topics of space travel and futuristic stories. The annual claimed that by the turn of the century every granny would be able to take a trip to the moon. Still waiting for my trip...

Original Price : £1.35

Published by : IPC Magazines Ltd. A Fleetway Annual, 2000AD Production in 1978

Dimensions : 19.5cm x 27.5cm with 96 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Dan Dare fights new enemies
  • The promise of a wrist radio costing less than £5 in the 21st century
  • Come work in Tumawama - a better place than Binthley
  • Rick Random meets the Time Travellers
Dan Dare's Space Fort 4
Dan Dare 5
Tomorrow Today 17
Dan Dare Futurequiz 18
Invasion 20
Rick Random 25
Tomorrow Today 33
Space Shuttle 34
Is Anybody There? 38
Tomorrow Today 40
Invisible Death 41
U.F.O.Agent 45
Space Log 49
Judge Dredd 50
Hank - Pilot for the Future 56
Recruiting Agency 58
"This is Your Aeroplane Speaking!" 63
Tomorrow Today 65
Survivor 66
Shape of Things to Come 73
Dan Dare 74
Rick Random (contd) 82
A Real Close Encounter? 89
Earth's First Space Port 90