Dan Dare Annual 1987

Dan Dare Annual 1987 opens with the quote "Come along, my intrepid explorer, and set foot on virgin soil" from one of the 1951 weekly comics. The work of Frank Bellamy, Frank Hampson, Don Harley, Harold Johns & Greta Tomlinson, Keith Watson, Gerry Embleton, Ian Kennedy and Carlos Cruz is reviewed, highlighting the differing styles used by each and showing the evolution of the comic and annuals through the years. Also featured are the usual set of foes, including the Mekon.

Original Price : £2.95

Published by : IPC Magazines Limited in 1986

Dimensions : 19cm x 27cm with 95 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • A is for Astral, Z is for Zom
  • Learn the words to the S.P.S. Anthem, sung to the tune of the Lincolnshire Poacher's song.
  • Dan Dare - This is Your Life - a potted history of our hero.
  • Read Dan's school report - he could go far...
Dan Dare 2
School's Out 17
This is Your Life! 18
The Treen Dynasty 24
Dan Dare 28
Dan by Digby 36
Back to the Future Game 38
Sky Larks 40
S.P.S. Anthem 42
Death in the UnderWorld 43
Tribute to the Artists 49
A - Z 58
Flight Deck Spot Check 62
The Exterminator 63
X-Word 71
School of Art 72
H.Q. to the Stars 74
Software Hero 76
Man's First Giant Step 78
Dan Dare 81
Mission Seven 89