Swift Annual 1

Swift Annual 1 is the first of the companion annual aimed at a slightly younger audience. It advises on its cover that it offers Exciting Picture-Stories, Articles, Hobbies and Jokes!. Its inner front and rear covers show illustrations of a variety of wild animals. As can be seen from the image, it differs from its companion annuals by using blue for its cover.

Original Price : Unknown

Published by : Hulton Press in 1954

Edited by : Marcus Morris

Dimensions : 21.5cm x 26.5cm with 133 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Pipe Cleaner Kitten - can you still buy pipe cleaners ?
  • Sir Boldasbrass makes an appearance, looking very much like a cross between Captain Pugwash and Harris Tweed
  • Educating Archie was a ventroliquist's dummy who used to have a radio show - he's now here as a cartoon !
  • Young Horace & Dotty and Spotty are missed from the Contents list at pages 34 and 104 respectively
Stories page Mono the Moon Man 64
Smuggler's Cove 8 Nicky Nobody 75
A Visit to Valerie 17 The Topple Twins 83
The Boy Crusader 21 Th Sign of the Scarlet Ladybird 84
The Poachers 32 Our Gang 86, 93
Adventure from the Sky 37 An Adventure of St. Paul 105
Pam's First Ride 49 The Fleet Family on Fire Island 124
You Can't Blame the Ball 57    
The Dark Raider 65 Hobbies  
The Tunnel Mystery 71 Bird Watching in Your Garden 42
Sandy of the Sea Patrol 97 Fun with Model Planes 53
Danger Ahead! 101 What to do with Sea Side Shells 63
Tony's Challenge 109 Pipe Cleaner Kitten 100
The Girl from the Sea 115 Make a Bird Table 123
Julie's Borrowed Dog 128    
Strips   Interest  
Tom Tex and Pinto 13 The Name in the Peppermint Rock 29
Joseph and his Brothers 20 Ask the Vet 31
Tarna, Jungle Boy 25 Alec Bedser 35
Koko the Bushbaby 40 The Trawler Man 61
Roddy the Road Scout 41 Pirate Gold 79
Daisy 44 Speed 87
Paul English 45 The Race Track 88
Tubby 52 Our Christmas Pantomime 89
Sir Boldasbrass 56, 122 Bail Up! 94
Educating Archie 62, 113 Margot Fonteyn 106
Road Quiz 108 Nature  
The Fireman 114    
Top Secret 119 British Wild Animals 69
Answers to Road Quiz 132 British Birds 70
Big Chief Rain-in-the-Face 133 Commmon Trees, their Leaves and Flowers 82
FRONT ENDPAPERS: A hippopotamus family, left; a racoon family, right.
BACK ENDPAPERS: An armadillo family, left; a family of leopards, right.