Dan Dare The Biography

Dan Dare The Biography has an introduction by Terry Jones which summarises the book thus:

In Dan Dare - Pilot of the Future, the Biography Daniel Tatarsky celebrates, with a shrewd critical judgement, the achievement of Frank Hampson and his team, while at the same time placing the stories in the context of the 1950s. In so doing he presents a lot of history that I hadn't realized even though I lived through those years. For example he points out that bread was only rationed after the Second World War, and that the premise of the whole story - the quest for an alternative food supply for Earth - was extremely relevant in the days of shortages and rationing.

At the same time he makes many surprising behind-the-scenes revelations: such as that, in the original dummy of the Eagle, Dan Dare was actually a Space Fleet Chaplain, complete with black shirt and dog collar - echoing the Eagle's founder and editor, Marcus Morris, who had of course been an RAF chaplain during the Second World War.

Original Price : £14.99

Published by : Orion Books in 2010

Edited by : Daniel Tatarsky

Dimensions : 14.5cm x 22.25cm with 238 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Colour images of many of the original dummy issues.
  • See a Dan Dare Radio Station in its original box.
  • Learn how the comics were put together.
  • Of course, the Mekon is there too !
Authors Note vii
Permissions and Credits ix
Introduction by Terry Jones xi
Preface xiv
ONE  The Birth of Eagle 1
TWO   From Anvil to Eagle 37
THREE   A Star is Born: Dan dares to be the best in the business 51
FOUR   Frank Hampson's Studio System 89
FIVE   Frank Bellamy's Non-Studio System 135
SIX   He Touched All Our Lives 157
SEVEN   Selling Dan: The Merchandising of a Pilot of the Future 183
EIGHT   Hampson and Morris after 'Dare' 195
NINE   The Future: Infinity and beyond? 203
APPENDIX   The Dan Dare Adventures 207
Bibliography 238