Eagle Annual 1

The very first Eagle Annual setting the trend and standard for the following years. Most of the regulars from the successful comic appear in the annual with expanded stories Dan Dare, Riders of the Range and the pictures in the Nature Adventure article are in colour with the rest in black and white.

Original Price : 8s 6d (42½p)

Published by : Hulton Press Ltd, London in 1951

Edited by : Marcus Morris

Dimensions : 21.5cm x 26.5cm with 176 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Dan Dare's story is entitled : Mars 1997
  • Riders of the Range have a Brush with Indians
  • Learn all about Jet-proplusion and Gas Turbines
  • Chicko takes a nap
Stories 58 Survey 21
  85 Old Coppernob
  100 Uncle George's Aeroplane
  109 The Stolen Lorry Ride
  139 Kidnapped In Error
  158 The Sign Of Three
Adventure Strips 25 Dan Dare
  41 Black Dirk
  63 P.C. 49
  81 Riders Of The Range
Humorous Strips 73 Harris Tweed
  120 Tobias and the Trumpet
  71 Chicko
  62 Grandpa
  138 Grandpa
Sport 8 The Lure of Speed
  115 The Olympic Games
  127 Improve Your Football
Science 38 If You Want To Be An Inventor
  77 Jet Propulsion & Gas Turbine Engines
  90 The Story Of Oil
  106 Railway With The Speed Of Aircraft
  164 Professor Brittain Explains Coal
Real Life Adventures 14 Here Lies Gold
  33 How I Didn't Catch A Tunny - And How A Whale Nearly Caught Me
  149 The Story Of Albert Schweitzer
  168 Exploring At The Bottom Of The World
Hobbies 51 How To Rebuild A Model Railway
  67 Rearing Silkworms
  72 Make This Jet-Powered Dart
  153 How To Make "Whirling Willy" - A Hunting Boomerang
  154 Unusual Pets - And How To Keep Them
Interest 20 The Story Of The Circus
  132 Nature Adventure
  145 It Wouldn't Be Christmas...
  56 Puzzles A-Plenty...
  173 Answers To Puzzles A-Plenty...
  37 Did You Know...?