Eagle Annual 1991

Eagle Annual 1991 sees the Mekon get his own story, but in black and white so as not to detract from Dan Dare, the main hero. Hitler and President Kennedy appear their own pages and we see the Royal Marines in action.

Original Price : £3.95

Published by : Fleetway Pulications in 1990

Dimensions : 19.5cm x 27.5cm with 96 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Test your knowledge of Hitler and learn about Kennedy
  • Learn how to tell a Sea Dart from a Sea Wolf missile
  • Maximum use of the exclamation mark in the contents list!
  • How well do you know your dinosaurs? Try the quiz
Dan Dare 3
Britain's Sea Power! 11
Toys of Doom 18
The Hitler Hit! 23
Just a Joke! 24
Storm Force 26
Appointment in Dallas 30
The Eagle 32
Photo Finish 40
Pic Puzzles 44
The Mekon 46
Marines! 49
Doomlord 57
Sgt. Streetwise 62
Dinosaur Fight! 70
Computer Warrior 71
Sleekswift 79
Loner 85
The Shuttle is Go! 89
Soaring into the Sun! 90
World of Adventures 91