Best of Eagle 1960's Comic

Eagle Annual - The Best of the 1960s Comic follows on from the success of the two previous "Best of" books and this time, as the title suggests, concentrates on the 1960's Eagle comics. The style of the comic gradually evolved over the years, as did the price, rising to 7d in 1967 and to who knows what price by 1969. (7d is just under 3p in modern decimal currency)

Original Price : RRP: £14.99

Published by : Orion Books in 2009

Edited by : Daniel Tatarsky

Dimensions : 22cm x 28.5cm with 192 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Harris Tweed gets blown up! (in colour too)
  • Learn how to build your own Molotov cocktail
  • Discuss Shakespeare with the Editor. To quote one letter:
    In my opinion Shakespeare was not a comedian. I think people laugh because the actors have tight pants on and jump about the stage in a serious manner.

Once more there is neither contents list nor index so this is a great book just to dip into.

Product placement in the movies is nothing new. According to one of the extracts Peter Cushing is seen reading Eagle comic in the Dr Who and the Daleks film.

Writing to the editor was a popular feature and lucrative too, you could earn up to a guinea if yours was the chosen feature letter. (For younger readers a guinea is £1.05)