Eagle Annual of the Cutaways

Eagle Annual of the Cutaways is jammed packed full of cutaway drawings from the Eagle comics and Eagle Annuals with all but a few in full colour. Over five hundred were featured in the Eagle comic and this annual reproduces a vast number of these. Most represent real-life items, but some are pure fantasy showing how the future might be.

Original Price : RRP: £14.99

Published by : Orion Books in 2009

Edited by : Daniel Tatarsky

Dimensions : 22cm x 28.5cm with 176 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • A record breaker - the Austin A40
  • Volcanoes - the World's Greatest Explosion
  • The Fairview Amazon - a Home on Wheels
  • The Wulfrunian, Britain's most advanced Bus
  • The Mercedes-Benz 220 SE6 Coupé