Eagle Bagatelle

Eagle Pin-Ball Bagatelle was a toy produced by Mettoy by permission. The background image to the pin-ball shows a Riders of the Range theme and a signature of Jeff Arnold.

Original Price : Unknown

Published by : Mettoy

Dimensions : 15.5cm x 30.4cm

Each of the cups to catch the balls is labelled with rodeo themed titles.
The game may be played by any number of
persons playing individually or in teams.
Insert the two legs in the open-ended
sockets at back. Press firmly home until
ball-ends lock in sockets.
Place all balls in "Free Ball" compartment.
To play, pull back trigger and release.
Each player shoots all balls in succession
(plus any "Free Balls").
Add up score as indicated on board -
  The Black ball counts double.
Winner is the player (or team) gaining the
highest score.