Eagle Book of Hobbies 1962

Eagle Book of Hobbies 1962 is a reprint of the 1958 annual. It would have had a fly-sheet with photographic images which would have made it much more appealing than this plain cover to the right. Times have changed a lot over the years - this annual advocates experimenting with hydrofluoric acid to etch glass - try getting this from your local chemist these days! Nevertheless, this book suggests a wide range of interesting hobbies that one could follow in the late fifties and early sixties.

Original Price : Unknown

Published by : Longacre Press Ltd in 1958, reprinted in 1962

Dimensions : 21cm x 26.5cm with 192 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Learn how to Do it Yourself with Wood -- endless way of cutting your fingers!
  • Make Home Movies and improve your photography skills
  • Get the best from your bike
  • Rear butterflies at home
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Model Railways 7 Sports Equipment 99
Camping 13 Pets 104
Electricity 24 Photography 120
Radio 31 Cinematography 130
Reading 37 Chemistry 133
Carpentry 39 Bird Watching 138
Simple Knots 51 Cycle Care 147
Codes and Invisible Inks 52 Coin Collecting 149
Printing 57 Collecting 151
Metal Work 61 What's the Postmark? 157
A Binder for your Magazines 68 Fossils and Shells 159
Aeromodelling 71 Caterpillars 161
Target Shooting 77 Spotting 164
Astronomy 80 Fishing 176
Stamp Collecting 85 Dramatics 183
Model Cars 91 Weather Forecasting 189
Model Boats 95