Eagle Book of Modern Wonders 1958

Eagle Book of Modern Wonders covers all the topics considered to be at the forefront of technology in the late 1950's. Britain still had a ship building industry and the world's greatest bridges and tunnels warrant 14 pages of description.

Original Price : Unknown

Published by : Hulton Press Ltd. First published in 1953, Third revised edition in 1958

Dimensions : 21.5cm x 26cm with 192 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Open topped racing cars
  • Delta-wing aircraft break the sound barrier multi-times over.
  • Various combine harvesters are shown in cutaway form
  • Photographs of cavitation of propellers
Chapter   Page
1 Exploring space 7
2 Exploring the bed of the sea 17
3 From muscle power to atomic energy 33
4 Heavyweights of industry: coal, iron and steel 48
5 Speed and efficiency on the railways 59
6 Building ships and keeping them safe 70
7 Marvels of modern motoring 87
8 The world's great bridges and tunnels 98
9 Wings of tomorrow 113
10 New weapons in the doctor's armoury 128
11 Britain's police force at work 139
12 New ways down on the farm 150
13 The camera captures time, light and sound 159
14 New raw materials for industry 174
15 Sending silent sound and invisble pictures 185

Cecil J. Allen: George Howard: David Le Roi: Dennis May:
Walter Shepherd: John W.R. Taylor: Martin Thornhill.

Colour plates
  Between pages
Inside a great power station 56-57
Future atomic power station 56-57
The magic eye of harbour radar 72-73
Through the Panama Canal 72-73
Sydney Harbour Bridge 104-105
A double-leaf bascule bridge 104-105
The combine harvester 152-153
A potato-harvester 152-153