Eagle Book of Police and Detection

Eagle Book of Police and Detection claimed to be the most complete work of its kind that had ever been published. Written from first-hand experience by an acknowledged authority on the Police and their methods throughout the world, it is packed with dramatic true stories and photographs. (Aimed at the 11-16 age group.)

Original Price : 15s (75p)

Published by : Longacre Press Ltd, London in 1960

Edited by : Richard Harrison

Dimensions : 21.5cm x 26cm with 192 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Learn about the police in Mesopotamia hundreds of years before Abraham
  • Find out how a Police Cadet spends his day
  • See how a detective learns his job
  • Detect and identify fingerprints
The Police and their story 7
The English Police - I 11
The English Police - II 19
The Work of the C.I.D. 31
How Science helps Detectives 55
Facts about Fingerprints 76
Arrest and After 90
The Police of Scotland 94
The Police of the Docks 100
The Police of America 108
The Story of the F.B.I. 119
Some Police of other Lands 129
Horses, Dogs and Others 149
Frauds and Forgeries 160
The Private Detective 168
The Police Cadets 177
The Police at School 183
Police, Press and Public 189