Riders of the Range - an associated Eagle Annual, circa 1951

Riders of the Range is not strictly an Eagle Annual, but was created by special arrangement with Eagle. There are many stories and articles, including one on how to make your own branding iron, but not how to find volunteers to brand...

Original Price : Unknown

Published by : Juvenile Productions Ltd in about 1951

Edited by : Charles Chilton

Dimensions : 20cm x 26.5cm with 94 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • How to Rope a Steer - just what you need to know at Tesco's...
  • The Peacemaker - the story of the Colt six-shooter
  • Manh-heh Has-kah Ta-tan-kah tell you how to make an Indian bow
  • Read about the Gila Monster and the Chuckawalla
Wild West Stories Page
"Curly" 16
The Greenhorn 33
The Fight at the "Bar Y" 73
Running Coyote Counts Coup 79
Picture Adventures
Stampede 22
The Bank Hold-up 44
Rustler Takes a Hand 88
Cowboys and Indians
Cowboy Cavalcade 6
The Peacemaker 26
The Coming of the Iron Horse 48
The Redskin 52
The Cowboy Today 65
Cowboy Country 77
Riders of the Range
Tombstone: 1879-1951 28
Broadcasting 58
Round the Camp Fire
Who Roped it? 54
Find the Bandits 69
Cowboy Songs 92
Wild West Lore
Make a War Bonnet 11
The Mark on the Beast 14
How to Train Your Dog 20
How to Rope a Steer 43
Making an Indian Bow 55
Curious Creatures of the West 70
How to Make a Personal Brand 78
Colour Plates
The Cowboy's Derby Frontispiece
Facing Page
Curly managed to get away on the spare horse 16
"Drop your guns" Red called out 33
Lines of steel crept across the prairies 48
A modern cowboy riding the sawdust ring 65
"I counted coup, O Chief," said Running Coyote 80