Riders of the Range - an associated Eagle Annual, circa 1954

Riders of the Range for this year tells the true story of Buffalo Bill who learned to ride from the Indians. Once again, Manh-Leh Has-kah-Ta-tan-kah gives advice on Indian craft.

Original Price : Unknown

Published by : Juvenile Productions Ltd in about 1954

Edited by : Charles Chilton

Dimensions : 20cm x 26.5cm with 96 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Learn how to identify more brand marks - although some of them look more like Runes.
  • Longhorns are not stupid !
  • Jeff Arnold learns about cooking
  • Sing the Zebra Dun song
In The Corral
Indian Heroes, Western Pioneers, Cowboy Cooks, Railroad Bandits
"Long Legs" 2
My Maverick 16
The True Story of Buffalo Bill 29
The Reluctant Trail Cook 49
Joseph, War Chief of the Nez Perce 65
The Iron Road 80
The Ghost of San Carlos 92
Riders of the Range, Stampeding Herds, Rustler, Canoe Racers, Indian Tribes
Jeff Arnold and the Lazy T 12
Indian Tribe Puzzle 39
Rustler to the Rescue 40
The Great Canoe Race 56
Indian Map 78
Luke's Stampede 88
Camps, Canoes, Cattle for Branding, Curious Critters
Indian Camp Craft 22
The Zebra Dun 27
Paddle Your Own Canoe 44
More Curious Critters 55
The Longhorns 58
More Brand Marks 64
Colour Plates
Long Legs held up the Apaches for Jeff to reach the camp Frontispiece
Facing Page
Instead of the horse taking the strain, I took it - and came off 16
Bill's rearing horse knocked the bandit to the ground 33
Indians of the north-west coast building a canoe 48
The warriors burnt the ranchers' homes to the ground 65
On that single track the two trains were bound to crash 80