Robin Annual 1

Robin Annual 1 was aimed at very young children with lots of colour story strips and many short stories for parents to read to their children. Even Andy Pandy and the Flower Pot Men make an appearance. There is no contents list, so the list below is my own creation.

Original Price : Unknown

Published by : Hulton Press Ltd in 1953

Edited by : Marcus Morris

Dimensions : 21.5cm x 26cm with 80 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Happy Birthday wishes to Prince Charles and Princess Anne
  • Andy Pandy invites Teddy to tea
  • Bill and Ben build a boat
  • Philip holds a circus
Johnny and Mr Spink 6
Percy and the Cricket Ball 8
Things to Do 10
The Story of Woppit 11
Play Page 12
Andy Pandy 13
The Old Woman and the Mouse 14
The Twins Simon and Sally 17
The Little Grey Stone 19
Tom the Tractor 20
Scruffy the Scarecrow 21
The Proud Mouse 23
Richard Lion 24
Flower-pot Men 26
The Sad Story of McTavish 27
Charlie and the Cake 28
The Magic Wellingtons 29
Bo Peep Puzzle 30
The Twins Simon and Sally 31
Midge the Motor Car 32
The Shepherd Boy 34
The Runaway Bus 35
Eider Downy House 38
The Dormouse at Christmas 39
Identify this 40
Ku Mu the Crocodile 42
Bingo, Bango and Bongo 45
Mrs Bunny Puzzle 46
Johnny Bull 47
The Excited Red Balloon 48
Andy Pandy 50
Tina, Tim and the Magic Helicopter 51
Toyville 54
Richard Lion (cont.d from 25) 56
Can you read this? 58
Flower-pot Men 59
Canty Kitten 60
How to Draw a Toy Engine 61
Skating on the Pond 62
Philip's Circus 64
The Squirrel who forgot 66
Princess Tai-Lu 69
Billyphant's Birthday 71
Midge at the Zoo 72
Play Page 74
Jesus gets lost 75
Quibble and Quarrel 76
Answers to Puzzles 77