Dan Dare's Space Annual 1963

Dan Dare's Space Annual 1963 is a mixture of stories in text, picture-strip stories and other miscellaneous articles and features. America and Russia are entring the Space Race and so feaures on astronauts from both countries are included. The main Dan Dare stories are full colour picture-strip adventures just as they had been in the Eagle annuals.

Original Price : 8s 6d (42½p)

Published by : Longacre Press Limited in 1962

Dimensions : 19.5cm x 27cm with 110 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • The Story of Flight - learn about man's struggle to conquer flight.
  • Spacefleet Uniforms - all the details you need to make your own copies.
  • Spacefleet Bomber - looking like a cross between the Space Shuttle and Concorde.
  • Hear about Yuri Gagarin and John Glenn.
The Fuel Pirates 7
Destruction Wavelength 46
The Tenth Planet 65
Rescue! 88
Dan Dare in The Planulid 33
Galileo - The Star Gazer 61
Dan Dare in The Planet of Shadows 73
Yuri Gagarin - Man Into Space 94
Satellites in Orbit Front Endpapers
Project Nova 12
An American in Orbit 17
The Story of Flight 25
So You Want to be an Astronaut? 41
Off to the Moon! 52
Spanning the Heavens 69
Satellites at Work 81
Exploring the Planets 101
Make Your Own Telescope 109
Data Sheets 22
Rocket Model 50
Spacefleet Equipment 57
Inter-Planetary Bus 86
Rocket Launching Ramp 87
Space Satellite 92
Spacefleet Bomber 93
Trial Rocket Area 98
Transport at Sea 100
Spacefleet Uniforms Back Endpapers