Dan Dare Annual 1991

Dan Dare Annual 1991 sees an increase in price and a decrease in the page count. However, all the classic elements are there with a mixture of picture-strip and text stories, with the majority in full colour. Dan Dare's latest monster enemies come to a watery end.

Original Price : £3.95

Published by : Fleetway Publications in 1990

Dimensions : 19cm x 27cm with 63 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Meet the monster that Waterises people!
  • Brief biographies of the good and the bad.
  • Digby gets his own story.
  • Find out which two Pythons are Dan Dare fans.
Dan Dare 3 Guess Who Quiz 41
Dan Dare's Hall of Fame 11 Inside Space Fleet H.Q. 42
Spot the Difference 17 Journey to Cryptos 46-47
Keith Watson, Dan Dare Artist Supreme 18 Dan Dare Get There First 48
Digby 21 Dan Dare Murals 56
Tight Corners 25 Dan Dare 57
Stars in Their Eyes 29    
Dan Dare Crossword 32    
Dan Dare 33