Dan Dare Rogue Planet

Dan Dare Rogue Planet is the complete reprint of the story that ran in the Eagle Comic from Volume 6 #48 through to Volume 8 #7. It features the artwork of the Dan Dare creator Frank Hampson. Dan and his crew are on the planet Cryptos and must stop the evil Phants invading - Dan Dare's most dangerous adventure yet!
There is no contents page, so the list below is of my own creation.

Original Price : £19.99

Published by : Titan Books in 2007

Dimensions : 23cm x 30.5cm with 144 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Complete list of Dan Dare stories from the Eagle Comics 1950-1969
  • Who's Who in Dan Dare?
  • Original story as published from 2nd December 1955 to 15th February 1957
Two Passports To Palestine by Frank Hampson
Reflections on the Road of Courage by Andrew Coffey
Who's Who in Dan Dare  
What has gone before The Story So Far
Rogue Planet  
Dan Dare Checklist