Eagle Annual 1964

Eagle Annual 1964 has a new publisher again but this time has no named editor. Gone are the red covers with the green cloth spine, replaced by a fully glossy combined printed spine and cover. Engineering disappears from the contents, replaced by more stories but other than that, the format and contents remain as previous years.

Original Price : 12s 6d (62½p)

Published by : Odhams Press Ltd in 1963

Dimensions : 21cm x 26cm with 176 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Dan Dare's story is entitled : Operation Crusoe
  • Learn about pennies, farthings and groats
  • See the Veterans or Road and Rail in colour
  • Find out if You Can Catch a Crook?
  • Find out why a Painting Started a Feud
  Page   Page
Te Rane 7 The Underwater World 30
Plan Quebec 20 When Funnels were Fashion 49
The Big Jump 36 S.O.S. 84
Barnaby's Luck 57 Britain's Exciting Schools 101
Ordeal in the Dark 64 Railway Quiz 108
The Sacred Eel 79 Veterans of Road and Rail 118
The Gorilla Snatchers 89 The Tall Ships 123
The Final Rally 97    
What a Match for Mugley! 115 Nature  
Bushfire 127 A Drink in the Desert 27
A Break for the Potter 135 Mice as Pets 93
The Redstone Story 162 Strange Places for Birds' Nests 132
Silent Danger 170 True Life Adventures  
Adventure Strips   When Death came faster than Help 24
The Face of the Enemy 16 Baleia! Baleia! 61
The Painting that started a Feud 53 Let's Fly 94
Dan Dare 75, 143 Washakie, Friend of the White Man 111
Home of the Wanderers 85    
Can You Catch a Crook? 104 Humorous Strips  
Heights of Courage 153 XYZ Cars 40, 139
Sport   Fidosaurus 46, 92
A Sporting Crossword 41 Good Turn Tommy 110, 134, 165
Speed School 42 Operation Elephant 166
A Day's Fishing 71 Hobbies  
TenPin Bowling 158 Jackets and Covers 68
Interest   Pennies, Groats and Farthings 130
Inventors and Inventions Endpapers Brass Rubbings 140
Travelling in Space 11 Make Your Own Cartoon Film 147