Eagle Annual 1965

Eagle Annual 1965 gets smaller with less pages than previously, and has no engineering, science or nature sections. Even one of the Dan Dare stories is no longer in colour. Is this the beginning of a decline?

Original Price : 12s 6d (62½p)

Published by : Odhams Books Ltd in 1964

Dimensions : 21cm x 26cm with 160 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Was Christopher Marlowe murdered? Find out here.
  • Dan Dare sees Fire in the Sky!
  • See if you can Catch A Crook, again?
  • Flying Saucers. Fact or Fantasy?
Box of Tricks by John Challis 4 Dan Dare in March of the Ants 10
Night Trip to Priory Rock by Edgar Garrett 25 Mann of Battle in Mission to the Marquis 33
Crazy Cat Blues by Dick Tatham 37 Heros the Spartan in Mark of the Warrior 41
The Numismatist by David Motton 45 Christopher Marlowe 50
The Road From Gundagai by Brogan Roberts 70 Sgt. Bruce in Wages Snatch 76
The Death Beam by James Kenner 80 Dan Dare in Fire in the Sky 97
Fear Strikes the Forest by Edward Osmond 93 Blackbow the Cheyenne in Town for Ransom 111
The Last Lap by Stephen Chelsworth 106 Mann of Battle in Thunder in the Desert 125
Night Intruders by Roy Brown 129 Sgt. Bruce in The Highwaymen 133
Dummy Run by Peter Chard 137 Blackbow the Cheyenne in The Storm Maker 144
The Texas Rangers 29 Transport Crossword 18
José de San Martín 60 Flying Saucers, Fact or Fantasy ? 19
Mountain Rescue 101 Puzzle Corner 40
Captain Falconer and the Pirates 155 The Fastest Man on Land 56
SPORT   Delta X-Ray Six 88
Soccer, and the Men Who Made It 14 Steam on the Road 115
Cricket, and the Men Who Made It 66 The Adventure Trail 120
Boomerangs at the Oval 85 Bicycles From the Beginning 150
Motor Racing, and the Men Who Made It 140 HOBBIES  
HUMOUROUS STRIPS   Going Fishing for Pike 48
Fidosaurus 9, 132 Snap, Snappy, Snappiest 74
XYZ Cars 84, 159 Going Fishing for Carp 148