Eagle Annual 1966

Eagle Annual 1966 asks the question of whether England can win the World Cup that year - Yes we did ! The building of Tower Bridge gets explained in detail but it doesn't stop the decline in the number of pages. The saving grace is that the annual's price remained the same.

Original Price : 12s 6d (62½p)

Published by : Odhams Books Ltd in 1965

Dimensions : 21cm x 26.5cm with 128 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Dan Dare has trouble with Space Rocks
  • I aways thought Plimsolls were gym shoes until I read about the Plimsoll line...
  • Sgt. Bruce meets the Peterman
  • Elephants are found in Essex
CONTENTS   The Story of Tower Bridge 48
Adventure Strips   Messages Without Words 59
The Iron Man in Voyage to Adventure 9 The Monsters 70
Dan Dare in Space Rocks 17 Saving Space 88
Cornelius Dimworthy Flies High 29 Answers to Puzzles 127
Blackbow the Cheyenne in Snake Spirit 44 Sport  
Sgt. Bruce in The Bingo Gang 60 Can England Win the World Cup? 13
Cornelius Dimworthy in Lucky Dog 74 Ski Jump 42
Heros the Spartan 89 Sports Spectacular 101
Blackbow the Cheyenne in The Ambush 106 Going Fishing 110
Sgt. Bruce in The Peterman 117 Stories  
True Life Adventure   The Ice Wall 4
Morgan The Terrible 64 The Hero of Brebada 25
The Real Wild West 79 Once a Cracksman 34
Elephants of Essex 112 Comanches are Coming! 55
Interest   Jungle Patrol 84
Lifeline for Sailors 16 Gold Flame 97
Puzzle Parade 33, 54, 78, 121 The Lion 104
Collecting 38 Race with Danger 122