Eagle Annual 1968

Eagle Annual 1968 introduces Blunderbirds as a rival to Thunderbirds and also introduces a lot more colour into the annuals as printing technology advances. "Did It Ever Happen?" challenges our belief twice and The Guinea-Pig learns Spanish.

Original Price : 12s 6d (62½p)

Published by : Odhams Books Ltd in 1967

Dimensions : 21cm x 26.5cm with 128 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Dan Dare faces an Unseen Enemy
  • The Iron Man smells something hypnotic
  • Blackbow visits Powder Creek
  • Trivia continues -- the Royal Mint produces 1,000,000,000 coins per year
The Stragglers 4
Crossword Corner 8
The Iron Man 9
Sea Chase in the Hebrides 13
Dan Dare and the Unseen Enemy 17
A Parcel for Mr. Lee 25
Cornelius Dimworthy in the Armour Caper 29
The Double Agent 33
Blunderbirds 37
Survival! 41
Wild West, a Living Legend 44
Did It Ever Happen? 46
Escape from Port Jackson 48
Moment of Truth 53
Powers of Observation 56
Lancelot Knight - Investigator 57
Boy in the Big Wheel 65
The Guinea Pig 69
Grand Prix 73
Play! the natural way 77
Did It Ever Happen? 82
The Old Illusionist Trick 84
Blackbow the Cheyenne 89
Leave it to the Experts 97
Crossword Corner 101
The Iron Man 102
McDonnell 4M Phantom Fighter 106
Cornelius Dimworthy as The Hypnotist 108
Perpetual Motion? 112
Blunderbirds 113
Big Eels and Little Eels 117
The Guinea Pig 119
The Bad Men 123