Eagle Annual 1969

Eagle Annual 1969 introduces some new characters and continues with the old favourites too. A cutaway drawing shows H.M.S. Victory in full detail. Mickey Merlin appears for the first time, with pink paper as his background.

Original Price : 12s 6d (62½p)

Published by : Odham Books Ltd in 1968

Dimensions : 21cm x 26.5cm with 128 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Go rock climbing - without a helmet !
  • See old fire engines in colour photographs
  • Dan Dare meets the Moon-Eaters
  • The Guinea-Pig goes weightless
Sea Strike 4 The Guinea-Pig 69
The Guinea-Pig 9 The aeroplane that would not lie down 74
Slumberjack 14 Action at Sea! H.M.S. Renown 78
Chris Bonington takes you climbing 16 Stand By to Launch! 80
Grant (C.I.D.) and the Mesmo Affair 23 Dan Dare and the Moon-eaters 86
Call to Arms! 29 Olympic Games on Stamps 90
Divided Loyalty 33 There's more than one way  
Crossword Corner 37   to put out a fire! 92
The Iron Man 38 Whizzer Wiley, R.F.C. 96
Action at Sea! H.M.S. Victory 42 Crossword Corner 101
Martin and the Buttercup Men 44 Slumberjack 102
Blackbow the Cheyenne 49 Mickey Merlin 104
K.9 Patrol 57 Scout About 108
Mickey Merlin 61 Legends in Their Lifetime 113
Brothers in Sport 65 The Iron Man 118
The Warrior 68 Mayhem on Matthew 124