Eagle Annual 1984

Eagle Annual 1984 follows the formulas of the old annuals and the new series with stories, cutaways and the regulars such as Dan Dare. Harris Tweed pops up again, but only as a sample of past annual contents.

Original Price : £2.50

Published by : IPC Magazines Ltd. A Fleetway Annual in 1983

Dimensions : 19.5cm x 27.5cm with 96 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • The Coriolis effect is discussed without mentioning Coriolis
  • See how a L2A3 machine gun works
  • The Collector suffers the Makul Curse!
  • Dan Dare fights the Mekon...
Dan Dare 2
The Collector 9
Daley's Dozen 13
Eagle Hotline 18
The Invisible Boy 20
Eagle Puzzles 25
Data File 26
B-1B Bomber 28
Joe Soap 30
Saddle Tramp 38
Lenny Bennett Interview 42
Build a Battlefield 43
Doomlord Quiz 44
Data File 46
Dan Dare 47
How Good a Joe Soap Are You? 55
Get Karting! 56
Ernie 57
The Shuttle is Safe 58
The Collector 60
Everlasting Magic of Dan Dare 64
Which Way Whirls the Water? 71
The Army that Vanished! 72
Ernie's Laughs 74
Sgt. Streetwise 76
Secrets of the Movie Makers 84
Combat Tested! 89
The Incredible Escape 92
Fast Finish 94