Eagle Annual 1983

Eagle Annual 1983 was the start of the second series of Eagle Annuals, with a reduced number of pages and much higher price than the previous series. However, it was good to see it back again, complete with Dan Dare. Most of the stories now are in the format of photographs with speech bubbles.

Original Price : £2.25

Published by : IPC Magazines Ltd. A Fleetway Annual in 1982

Dimensions : 19.5cm x 27.5cm with 96 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Dan Dare faces the Mekon, again
  • Lots of pin-up photos...
  • ...including David Gower in his swimming trunks
  • Have UFOs landed already?
  • What happened to the Mary Celeste?
The Menace of the Mekon 2
The Silver Lining 9
Daley's Diary 13
Thunderbold & Smokey 17
Green Fingers 25
Ernie's Laughter Lines 28
Eagle Hotline 30
Space Lifeboats 34
Eagle Puzzles 36
Operation Eagle 39
Return of the Mekon 42
Personalities with a Plus 45
Tall Story 52
Adventures of Fred 57
The Invisible Assassin 58
Quick Quiz 61
Take Me To Your Leader 62
Sgt. Streetwise 64
TSR 2 72
The Liquid 74
Mary Celeste Mystery 78
Just Joking! 80
Wanted - Ernie! 82
Soccer Hot-Shots 84
Tops on TV 89
'Eagle is OOOO-KAAAY!' 92
'Destroy Doomford' Game 94