Eagle Annual 5

1955's Eagle Annual Number 5 continued the tradition for the 1956 season with its broad selection of adventure, sport, science and fun articles. You can even learn how to make a rope ladder -- just what every boy needed !

Original Price : 10s 6d (52½p)

Published by : Hulton Press Ltd, London in 1955

Edited by : Marcus Morris

Dimensions : 21cm x 26cm with 176 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Dan Dare's story is entitled : Operation Plum-Pudding
  • The Legionnaires meet the Hound of Zambo
  • Storm Nelson solves the Mystery of the Black Diamond
  • Grandpa makes good use of an umbrella
  • Delius's live reviewed in a single page
Stories page Hobbies page
The Case of the Galloping Major 6 Fishing For Fun 33
Softly, Softly, Catchee Monkey 41 How to make the Lightning 62
Nemesis at Northbrook 70 Cricket by the Fireside 75
The Boy who was Afraid 97 How to make the most of your Bicycle 105
Flame Races Through 139 You can make this Rope Ladder 127
Operation Seagull 150    
Adventure Strips Science
Storm Nelson 13 Progress to the New Worlds 85
Dan Dare 25 Building a Modern Express Locomotive 167
P.C. 49 66    
Riders of the Range 81 Humorous Strips  
Luck of the Legion 119 Grandpa 46
Sport   Harris Tweed 53
The Wizard of the Dribble 19 Professor Meek and Professor Mild 93
Goal 24 Professor Puff an his Dog Wuff 110
He Makes Dreams Come True 48 Waldorf and Cecil 160
Cricket Scrapbook 52    
Sportsworld 123    
Ascari the Cool-headed 128 Interest  
Answers to Sportsword 159 All at Sea 61
Real Life Adventurers   Action, Camera 89
Pull the Ring and You're a Caterpillar 37 Here is the News 102
Delius 47 Flying for Fun 111
History calls in the Detectives 57 The Story of your Dog 115
Quick on the Draw 77 Arctic Journey 124
The Ardent Pilgrim 144 The Queen's Latest Ships 131
The Mountie Always Gets His Man 155 Answers to 'All at Sea' 154
The Flying Doctor 171 Conjuring with Figures 166