Eagle Annual 6

Eagle Annual Number 6 sees the Science section replaced by Engineering and more Adventure Strips at the expense of less Real Life stories. The models that you can build start to become a lot more complex and detailed. The inner and outer covers are now back to being considered part of the page count.

Original Price : 10s 6d (52½p)

Published by : Hulton Press Ltd, London in 1956

Edited by : Marcus Morris

Dimensions : 21.5cm x 26cm with 176 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Dan Dare's story is entitled : Operation Silence
  • Harris Tweed takes a Pleasure Cruise
  • Learn about Vertical Take Off Aircraft
  • Mystify your friends with Telepathy
  • Make a Crystal Set
Stories page Hobbies page
Crash Went the Window 8 How to Make Your Own Crystal Set 16
Old Calamity 22 Taking Care of Your Tools 42
Jet Jackson - Pilot 54 Looking After Your Camera 57
Rustlers of the Firth 74 A Den of Your Own 101
The Falcon Light 110 How to Make the Shark Launch 114
The Croc Shooters 126 A Home for Yours Pets 120
Red Fire for Danger 156 Engineering  
    V.T.O. 33
Adventure Strips   The Car Grows Up 44
Jack o' Lantern 12 Britain's New Railways 79
Dan Dare 25 Humorous Strips  
Gold in the Mountains 37 Harris Tweed 50
Luck of the Legion 70 Chicko 21, 56
Riders of the Range 133 Professor Puff and his Dog Wuff 60, 168
P.C. 49 152 Professor Meek and Professor Mild 105
Storm Nelson 164 Angus the Athlete 140
    Waldorf and Cecil 141
Sports   Rufus the Retriever 151
Sports Crossword 41 The Wigwam 158
They Triumphed 66 Interest  
Soccer Hints 96 Cub Reporter 18
Put a Punch in Your Boxing 119 Robinson Crusoe and His Island 61
Mike Hawthorn 124 Indians of the U.S.A. 64
The Tour de France 147 Curiosities of Nature 87
The Chelsea Dynamo 159 Riding on Air 109
    Telepathy 131
Real Life Adventures   Maps for the Million 137
Looking for Trouble 46 This will Make You Think 162
The Gentle Warrior 92 Marvels of Bird Migration 169
Flight Test 97 Answers to Sports Crossword and 'This Will Make You Think'