Eagle Annual 8

Eagle Annual Number 8 once more expands the engineering section of the annual with an excellent speculative article on the future of space flight. Norman Wisdom has a biography along side of stories covering antarctic exploration.

Original Price : 10s 6d (52½p)

Published by : Hulton Press Ltd, London in 1958

Edited by : Marcus Morris

Dimensions : 21.5cm x 26cm with 176 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Dan Dare's story is entitled : Operation Moss
  • Make your own Assagai - try getting this passed by Health and Safety today...
  • Captain of England - story of a Speedway ace
  • Harris Tweed meets a Man Eater
  • Sir Ronald Ross discovers the transmission of malaria by mosquito
Stories page   page
Bandits in the Hills 11 A Guide to Aeromodelling 62
Happy Birthday! 33 Take Outstanding Pictures 127
Smugglers of the Fens 58 Table Top Grand Prix Racing 137
Ghost Town Gold 66 The Perfect Pet 162
Escape! 75 3 Things for You to Make 171
On Pinnacle Rib 89 Engineering  
In Vision 117 Next - The Moon! 79
The Mystery of 'The Martin' 154 Railway Records 100
Adventure Strips   Freak Ships 112
Riders of the Range 16 One Hundred and Forty Years of Bicycles 126
Dan Dare 25 The Story of the Tanker 152
The Vanishing Emeralds 40 Radiophones in the Run 168
Sir Ronald Ross 93 How a Windmill Works 173
Luck of the Legion 113 Humorous Strips  
Jack O'Lantern 133 Pete the Painter 15
Romegas, Knight of Malta 158 Harris Tweed 54
Storm Nelson 164 Jeff 74
Sport   Sammy 121
Paddling Your Own Canoe 71 Chicko 140
Aim High in Athletics 104 Waldorf and Cecil 146
Real Life Adventures   Ivor the Inquirer 172
October the 13th 8 Interest  
Rolls and Royce 21 Four-Square Crossword 20
Captain of England 50 Puzzles and Tricks 38
Norman Wisdom 86 Houses with Secrets 45
Flight to the Bottom of the World 108 Hazards and Mysteries of the Sea 97
Travelling Rough 130 Toadstools 102
Hobbies   A King Gave Us Playing Cards 122
Personal Postmarks 24 Across the Sea in Bottles 124
A Heraldic Wall Plaque 44 Knots Made Easy 141
Holiday Maps 48 River of Life 142