Eagle Annual 7

Eagle Annual Number 7 continues the successful formula for another year with more engineering, more puzzles - including the one that supposedly inspired the phrase "think out of the box". Dan Dare is in his usual place at page 25. The price remains constant for yet another year - how did they do that?

Original Price : 10s 6d (52½p)

Published by : Hulton Press Ltd, London in 1957

Edited by : Marcus Morris

Dimensions : 21.5cm x 26cm with 176 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Dan Dare's story is entitled : Space Race
  • Waldorf and Cecil meet the Itzee-Bitzees and the Snowman
  • Learn about mulit-stage satellite launching rockets
  • Jack O'Lantern meets a Dancing Bear
  • Wuff the dog spots a maths error
Stories page   page
The Northbrook Kidnapping 8 They Build their Own Aeroplanes 103
The Lamp of Isca 33 Sport with Snow Snakes 107
The White Devil 59 Kite-Released Parachute and Sports Two-Seater 116
Telegraph Cable 67 Make Your Own Printing Set 122
M'Gee Faces the Music 89 Build Your Own Clipper Sledge 152
The Friendly Ghost 127 Camp on Your Own 157
Limey 147 Engineering  
Strange Captive 165 Flying Wings and Tail-less Aircraft 48
Adventure Strips   Railway Realities 63
Luck of the Legion 16 Project Vanguard 80
Dan Dare 25 Speed on Two Wheels 151
P.C. 49 40 Humorous Strips  
Double Danger 93 Professor Puff 23
Riders of the Range 111 Harris Tweed 53
The Two-Legged Badger Mystery 123 Pedro 70
Jack O'Lantern 133 Waldorf and Cecil 141
Storm Nelson 161 Jeff 160
Sport   Pedro 173
Teach Yourself To Swim Underwater 12 Interest  
Put A Kick In Your Soccer 20 This'll make you Think! 24
They Have To Be Tough! 44 Ships in a Hurry 57
Jim Laker's Secret 97 On Location 73
Real Life Adventures   Experiments with Inks 87
'Land of Parrats' 50 Cleopatra's Needle 108
Solidier of God 76 Countryside Crossword 115
The Badge of the Silver Greyhound 154 Big Ben 118
The Campbell Story 169 Liquid Gold 119
Hobbies   Beating the Bank-Note Forger 131
Winged Messengers 37 Flight in Nature 137
Let's Welcome Birds 71 Table Cricket 168
Be Your Own Weather Prophet 100 Solutions to Puzzles 173