Eagle Book of Britain's Fighting Services

Eagle Book of Britain's Fighting Services covers the three services, The Royal Navy, The Army and The Royal Air Force. The articles and stories cover both the history of the forces and speculate on their future.

Original Price : Unknown

Published by : Longacre Press, London in 1962

Dimensions : 21.5cm x 26.5cm with 192 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • See how they service jet engines
  • The future of flight has a vertical take-off
  • Learn all about the different types of ships
  • Read how our Navy began in the 9th century
How We Got Our Navy page 5 Army Air Corps page 104
How the Navy is Organised 17 Supporting Arms 105
Navl Ranks and Badges 20 Special Air Service 111
The Navy as a Career 24 Weapons and Equipment 113
Battle Plan 29 Volunteer Reserve Forces 119
The Ships 32 Women in the Army 120
The Navy's Teeth 38 Why not Join Up ? 123
The Fleet Air Arm 45 The Future 127
Under the Sea 50 THE ROYAL AIR FORCE  
"Per Mare Per Terram" 54 Per Ardua 129
Odd Jobs - but Tough ! 59 RAF Organisation and Personnel 138
The Wrens 62 Ranks, Uniforms, Badge, Decorations 142
The Navy's Role - Today and Tomorrow 66 Fighter Command 146
    Bomber Command 151
THE ARMY   Coastal Command 156
The Story of the Army 67 Transport Command 159
How the Army is Run 76 Winning Your Wings 163
Military Ranks 79 Getting There and Back 166
Uniforms, Colours and Standards 80 Communications and Radar 169
The Household Brigade 82 The Hornet's Sting 172
Royal Armoured Corps 86 Aircraft Servicing 177
Royal Artillery 88 Air Photography 180
Royal Engineers 92 The Women's Royal Air Force 182
Royal Signals 93 Behind the Scenes 184
The Infantry 97 Flying's the Life ! 187
Airbourne Forces 102 The Future 189