The First Eagle Sports Annual

The First Eagle Sports Annual was packed with articles on a wide range of sports as can be seen by the comprehensive contents list below. The annual is a selection of illustrated articles and photographic sequences, all in black and white.

Original Price : Unknown

Published by : Hulton Press Ltd in 1952

Edited by : Patsy Hendren / E. McDonald Bailey / W. Barrington Dalby / Jack Crayston / Bagenal Harvey / Kenneth Wheeler

Dimensions : 21cm x 26.5cm with 156 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Cycle Speedway - the Split-second Sport for Boys
  • See the Oxford Boat Race team - they nearly all seem to be British !
  • Black eyes are expected when you play Ice Hockey with neither masks nor helmets
  • Learn shot-by-shot tennis techniques in sequences of photographs
Picture Features are in Heavy Type
Page 4 Introduction by the Rev. Marcus Morris
  5 Meet the Stars of Sport by Kenneth Wheeler
  10 Their Finest Hour by Walley Barnes
  12 How to Become a Football Star by Jack Crayston
  15 Take a Tip from the Arsenal Stars  
  16 The Right way to Head a Ball by Ray Daniel
  17 Your Favourite Footballers  
  20 Soccer Around the World by Stanley Matthews
  24 The Brighter Side of Soccer by James Audsley
  26 The Amateurs and Their Cup by 'Nomad'
  156 Soccer Milestones  
  28 Rugby is a Boy's Game by W.A. Cunningham
  32 The Rugby League Game by W. Fallowfield
  34 Rugby Milestones  
  35 Rugby - The Two Codes  
  36 How to Keep Wicket by Godfrey Evans
  37 Godfrey Evans in Action  
  46 Cricket Milestones  
  47 Cricket is Fun by Patsy Hendren
  52 Owt from Nowt by Len Hutton
  54 Cricket Stories  
  55 Bowling 'Em Out by Alec and Eric Bedser
  58 Two Big Hitters  
  59 Alec Bedser in Action  
  60 Roy Ankarah  
  61 Roy Ankarah - The Black Flash by W. Barrington Dalby
  62 Boxing is My Game by W. Barrington Dalby
Contents (contd.)
Page 71 How to Get More Fun out of Swimming by George Fryer
  77 How Swimming Champions Train  
  79 Water Polo  
  80 A Perfect Swallow Dive  
  81 Why not Learn to Dive? by Harold Dixon
  83 Play Tennis and see the World by Geoff Paish
  88 How to Play Squash by E. Meyer
  89 Squash without a Court  
  92 Table Tennis by Johnny Leach
  98 How to Play Better Table Tennis by Johnny Leach
  119 Attack in Tennis by Geoff Paish
  39 Middle Distance by Arthur Wint
  40 Getting a Good Start by E. McDonald Bailey
  41 Running to Win by E. McDonald Bailey
  44 Strange But True by James Audsley
  90 I'll Never Forget These Races by E. McDonald Bailey
  147 The Way to the Top in Athletics by Ernest Campion
  94 The World's Most Thrilling Race by 'Manx'
  97 Motor Racing Thrills  
  100 Speedway Stars  
  101 Speedway's Silver Anniversary by Kenneth Wheeler
  106 Life with the Lions by R. Samuel
  109 Motor Racing Thrills by Gerry Bradshaw
  114 Cycle Speedway by Graham Payne
  117 Cycle Speedway  
  117 Life with the Lions  
  118 More Motor Racing Thrills  
  122 How Oxford Won the Boat Race  
  123 How Oxford Won the Boat Race by Adrian Stokes
  127 Sport in the Country by Bruce Leslie
  133 Ice Skate and Keep Fit by Roy Brookes
  135 I've Got Ice Fever by Chick Zamick
  139 Ice Hockey  
  140 How to Ride by Major E. Walker
  143 A Man and His Horse by Gerry Elliott
  145 Focus on the World's Greatest Horse Races  
  142 Basketball  
  150 Basketball - the Sport with a Future by W. Browning
  152 Wrestling - Oldest and Newest Sport by Graham Guthrie
  153 The Challenge of the Foil by Mary Glen Haig
  18, 19 Can You Spot the Sportsmen?  
  38 Favourite Sportsmen  
  91 Do You Know Your Sport?  
  155 Answers to Quizes