Eagle Sports Annual 1962

Eagle Sports Annual 1962 is introduced by Clifford Makins saying that it's ten years since the first Eagle Sports Annual. Man is in outer space and whole new worlds open up to challenge our natural urge for adventure and conquest. Stirring stuff !

Original Price : 8s 6d (42½p)

Published by : Longacre Press Ltd in 1961

Dimensions : 19cm x 25.5cm with 128 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Lots of "On the Spot:"
  • Review of the past favourites
  • Looping the loop - not in a plane, but playing table tennis
  • Read all about odd things that happen in sport
Page 4 Introduction by Clifford Makins
5 Highlights by Kenneth Wheeler
15 Ten Years of Favourite Sportsmen:  
16 Bobby Charlton by Johnny Haynes
18 Randolph Turpin by W. Barrington-Dalby
20 Stanley Matthews by Jimmy Armfield
22 Roger Bannister and Chris Chataway by Peter Hildreth
24 Peter May by Freddie Trueman
26 Stirling Moss by Innes Ireland
28 On the Spot: Bobby Charlton
30 Great Test Finishes by John Arlott
36 On the Spot: Freddie Trueman  
38 On the Spot: Johnny Haynes
40 Eagler Alan meets the Stars
45 Tour de France by Philip Connor
51 Picture Quiz  
54 Picture Quiz Answers
55 My World Cricket XI by the Eagle All-Star Cricket Team
58 Cricket in 1970 by Kenneth Wheeler
64 Two Cricket Captains by Gordon Jeffrey
66 On the Spot: Don Thompson  
71 Follow the Spurs to Fame by Jimmy Hill
76 On the Spot: Denis Law  
78 Success on Sports Day by June Paul
83 On the Spot: Brian Statham  
85 Rugger's Flying Squad by W. F. Barling
92 Focus on Gymnastics  
94 Behind the Scenes of Motor Racing by Peter Roberts
99 On the Spot: Innes Ireland  
101 Tennis Superman by Emlyn Jones
106 On the Spot: John Surtees  
108 Hats off to 11,000 Young Britons by Kenneth Wheeler
113 Looping the Loop by Johnny Leach
115 Strange Happenings in Sport by Austin Edwards
122 King of the Stock-Cars by Clive Limpkin
126 Focus on Lawn Tennis