Eagle Sports Annual 8

Eagle Sports Annual 8 sees Bobby Charlton shown with a full head of hair, already noted as a fine footballer even before his successes in 1966. Peter Roberts steers us around Brands Hatch, teaching us the right lines to take.

Original Price : Unknown

Published by : Hulton Press Ltd in 1959

Edited by : Patsy Hendren / W. Barrington Dably / Jimmy Hill / Bagenal Harvey / Kenneth Wheeler

Dimensions : 19cm x 25.5cm with 128 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • John Arlott tells us about the Ashes
  • June Paul talks about her athletics experiences
  • Tennis at Wembley? Surely not?
  • Rugger tips from Cliff Morgan
Page 4 Introduction by Marcus Morris
5 Eagle 'Favourite Sportsman' of the Year: Bobby Charlton
7 A Day in the Life of Your Favourite Sportsman  
11 Highlights by Kenneth Wheeler
20 How Oxford Turned the Tide  
22 It Takes Courage by Stan Tomlin
28 Getting Goals by Jimmy Greaves
34 King of the Castle by Brian Statham
39 Heroes of the Ring by W. Barrington Dalby
44 Red Shadow Over the Olympics by Arthur Milne
49 The Story of the Ashes by John Arlott
56 School for Speedmen by Peter Roberts
62 The Harder They Fall by Graham Payne
67 The Wembley Trail by Jimmy Hill
71 That Competitive Spirt by June Paul
75 Aces Wild at Wembley by Emlyn Jones
80 Shake Hands for Success by Johnny Leach
86 Swimming With a Smile by George Fryer
91 The Way to Top-Class Rugger by Cliff Morgan
98 Badminton for Beginners by Bill Edwards
102 Heave-Ho My Hearties by Stan Tomlin
105 Top Tips - Demonstrated by Some of Your Favourite Sportsmen  
109 Scottish Starmakers by John Morris
115 Olympic Epics by Austin Edwards
123 Stars of Tomorrow by Captain Sammy Cole
126 Picture Quiz