Eagle Sports Annual 3

Eagle Sports Annual 3 follows on in style from the previous Sports annuals. Its introduction by Marcus Morris states that in the following pages you will be able to read about your favourite sport, and see many of your favourite sportsmen in action, and it is to be hoped that you will improve your own ability in sport as a result.

Original Price : Uknown

Published by : Hulton Press Ltd in 1954

Edited by : Patsy Hendren / W. Barrington Dalby / Jack Crayston / Bagenal Harvey / Kenneth Wheeler / Carl Sutton

Dimensions : 19.5cm x 25.5cm with 128 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Go behind the scenes at Arsenal
  • Read about the first sub-4 minute mile in detail
  • The Hungarian football team were a force to be reckoned with
  • Enter a competition that's so hard they give you two attempts as standard
Page 4 Introduction by Marcus Morris
5 EAGLE 'Favourite Sportsman' of the Year: Stanley Matthews  
9 The First Four-Minute Miles by James Audsley
15 Soccer School . . . Conducted by Jack Crayston  
  How the Hungarians Practise  
  Goal: It's All Done By Angles by Jack Kelsey
  Full Back by Stan Willemse
  Centre Half by Bill Dodgin
  Winger by Gerry Ward
  Inside Forward: How I Play by Ivor Broadis
  Centre Forward by Roy Bentley
  Wing Half: A Position to Enjoy by Jack Crayston
  How to Watch by Kenneth Wheeler
33 Schoolboy Jamboree  
38 Five Boys Reach for the Moon by Kenneth Wheeler
41 The Characters of Cricket by John Arlott
45 Cricket Coaching by Alf. Gover
50 The Story of Athletics by James Audsley
60 Athletics for the All-Rounder by George Pallett
71 King of the Brighton Road  
74 Barrington Dalby's Boxing Scrapbook  
86 How to Box by Lt.-Col. Dudley S. Lister
92 Stranger than Fiction by W. A. Cunningham
96 Winning Tennis by Eric Fenton
98 Swimming Breast Stroke by George Fryer
104 Crash-A-Minute Sport Comes to Britain by Graham Payne
108 Cycle Speedway: The Wolves Show their Mettle  
111 Opportunity Knocks: Who's There? by Kenneth Wheeler
116 Enterprise  
118 Going Fishing by Bruce Leslie
122 Fireside Sport by Graham Payne
127 Sporting Silhouettes Competition  
Cartoons are by Brian White