Girls Annual 1

Girl Annual 1 was the first of the series of annuals for girls in parallel to the Eagle Annuals. Its content followed a similar style to the boys' annuals, with predictable gender stereotyping throughout. It has a good range of articles and stories, as can be seen from the contents list below. Even Harris Tweed makes an appearance.

Original Price : Unknown

Published by : Hulton Press Ltd in 1952

Edited by : Marcus Morris

Dimensions : 21cm x 26.5cm with 174 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Gracie Stansfield? Better known as Gracie Fields
  • Take look inside with a cutaway diagram of a sewing machine
  • Got a nickname? Perhaps you can learn where it came from.
  • Read about the A.T.A, the girl pilots who staggered even the R.A.F.
STORIES 8 Stage Fright
  19 Topsy Saves the Game
  43 Blizzard
  62 Pirates of '52
  81 Miss Pemberton's Puncture
  95 Meatless Day
  119 Go for Justice
  137 A Gap in the Railings
  161 Freak Photograph
STORY STRIPS 13 Flick and the Vanishing New Girl
  25 Captain Starling
  146 Jenny Lovelace and the Haunted Tower
  159 Lettice Leefe
SPORT 29 A Queen of the Ice
  133 The Rowe Twins
NATURE 49 The Truth About Weather Sayings
  53 Restocking the Zoos
  86 Odd Pets in Odd Corners
  89 Start and Aquarium
  105 Strange Nurseries
  141 Some Wild Flowers of the Countryside
  142 Birds and Animals of the Woodland
  143 Outdoor Record
  123 My Real Life Cowboys
  154 Our Gracie
HOBBIES 58 How Betty Trained Her Puppy
  67 Rub up Your History
  85, 118 Try It Yourself
  110 Inside a Sewing Machine
  111 No Primrose Path
  113 Ballet Stars and Scenes
  128 Collecting can be Fun
  37 Is It Treasure or Treasure Trove?
  71 A Continuity Girl takes you "On the Floor"
  77 Susan Follows the Clothes Line
  103 Name, please!
  166 Girl Inventors are Busy
  170 Do You Want to be an Air Hostess?
PUZZLES Endpapers Pictorial Crosswords
  32 Puzzle Corner
  104 Puzzle Corner Solutions
  32 Crossword Solutions