Girl Annual 4

Girl Annual 4 mirrors the style of the Eagle annuals closely, offering a suitably feminine mix of stories and articles thought to be suitable at the time. The inner front and rear covers contain photographs of the Royal Family.

Original Price : Unknown

Published by : Hulton Press Ltd in 1955

Edited by : Marcus Morris

Dimensions : 21cm x 26.5cm with 176 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Read about Pocahontas long before Disney re-told the story
  • Admire works of art by Renoir and Van Gogh in full colour
  • Put on a play to amuse your relatives at Christmas
  • Barbara Woodhouse talks to animals long before becoming more famous for this on Television
Stories page   page
Goodbye My Viking 6 Speaking to Animals 85
The Three Gifts 33 Have you ever seen an Otter? 96
Little Flower 41 A Bird in Your Home 111
Black Saturday 55 Real Life Stories  
Mystery Man 65 Passports to Stardom 19
Susan's Ride 76 The Top of his Profession 45
Sally and the Tipper 89 Pocohontas 92
A Friend for Life 98 Queen of the Courts 155
Judy's Pup 105 The Loving Captive 161
The Wounded Hussar 116 Hobbies  
Jill's Pony 138 Keeping a Diary 38
Miranda Saves the Day 165 Make this Papier Mâché Bowl 103
Sabrina's Sacrifice 171 How to Make a Christmas Tree 110
Story Strips   Glove Puppets 121
Wendy and Jinx 11 How to Frame a Picture 143
The Purple Pagoda 25 A Cosy Christmas 144
Lettice Leefe 60 Interest  
Belle of the Ballet 81 Famous Women Crossword 50
Robbie of the Red Hall 149 Indian Festival 51
Nature   Going to a Dress Show 62
Some British Birds and Birds Abroad 36 Fairyland Comes to Life 127
The Return of the Avocet 44 Solution to Famous Women Crossword 131
Feathered Family 54 Discover Colour 132
Trees in Britain 71 Ballet Films 158
Answers to Feathered Family 75 A Room of Your Own 169