Swift Annual 2

Swift Annual 2 again has a good mix of cartoon strips and stories for parents to read to their your children. As in the first annual there are a few extra strip cartoons that did not get a mention in the contents - I guess they ran out of room !

Original Price : Unknown

Published by : Hulton Press in 1955

Edited by : Marcus Morris

Dimensions : 21.5cm x 26.5cm with 133 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Rolling Stones - but not one mention of Mick Jagger
  • Learn all about silk worms and their cocoons
  • Go big-game hunting - with a camera !
  • The Topple Twins get their portraits painted
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Stories   The Topple Twins 53
Running Buffalo 8 Tom Tex 57
Polly at the Pantomime 16 Swash and Buckle 80
Tom and the Dragoons 19 The Rolling Stones 87
Arizona Hold-Up 33 Our Gang 92
The Winged Devils 37 Sammy and his Speedsub 96
The Grizzly Bear Gold Mine 54 The Runaway Slave 100
The Punch and Judy Man 66 Nicky Nobody 115
Professor Kitto and the Magic Ray 75 The Great Caramba 126
The Wild Ride through the Fire 89    
Fiddles 93 Interest  
Bill's Great Ride 103 Home on the Range 15
Major Oompah's Big Defeat 119 The Ocean Greyhound 29
The Shell 130 All About Dragons 45
Strips   The Circus Comes to Town 49
Paul English 11 The Maze 65
Tarna, Jungle Boy 25 An African Big Game Hunt 71
Roddy, the Road Scout 44 Sandcastles on Fire! 79
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So You Want to be an Engine-Driver 84 Mr Badger's Beautiful Home 42
How to Make a Colour Disc 99 A Visit to the Zoo 61
Better Late than Never 107 Nature's Wonderful Ways 69
Divers and Steeplejacks 112 Silk 70
Gardening in Miniature 123 Insect Wonders 97
    The Koala Bear 102
Nature   A Rustle in the Hedge 109
Horses at Work 22 A Key to the Endpapers 133