Swift Annual 6

Swift Annual 6 was aimed at children younger than the Eagle and Girl audiences. It's a mixture of stories and strips interspersed with puzzles and other interest features. The story entitled Lost! has a subtitle of A royal crisis in Macaronia and is about King Tapioca. Enough said...

Original Price : Unknown

Published by : Hulton Press Ltd in 1959

Edited by : Marcus Morris

Dimensions : 21cm x 26.5cm with 136 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Lost! and then Saved! No need for a 6 series TV show
  • A feature on Racing Cars is replaced by an advert - nothing changes
  • Fishy Story:
    Q. Which town in Yorkshire do boaters dislike most?
    A. Hardrow.
  • Sammy saves the secret explosive
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Stories   Wyatt Earp 73
Wuffles and the Bumper Crop 8 Saved! 81
Blue Magic 29 Canal Holiday 82
Maduri and the Crocodiles 46 Castle and Co. 90
Lost! 57 Roddy the Road Scout 94
Pocomoto and the Wild Horse 78 Tarna 102
Janet and the Dancing Lady 95 Swash and Buckle 111
The Mystery of the Lake 98 Dopey Dannie 121
The Runaway 117 Sammy and the Secret Explosive 125
Winnie the Witch 122 Ready, Set...Duck! 133
Jack and the Beanstalk 129 Poems  
Strips   Topsy Turvy 18
Nicky Nobody 11 On The Downs 36
Over! 17 TV Topknot 49
Roddy the Road Scout 23 My Bedroom 49
Smiley 25 Puzzles  
Our Gang 34 Jig-Saw Painting Puzzle 24
Tit for Tat 39 Puzzle Page 33
The Rolling Stones 50 Things To Make  
Dixon of Dock Green 62 The Foil Circulator 56
Ladybird 69 Diving Octopus 61
Arty and Crafty 71 Paper Parrot 106
    Bird Game 107
    Make Your Own Sewing Cards 116
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Interest   Coal 101
Paper 19 The Secret of Filmland 108
Journey to the Jungle 20 Animal Superstitions 114
London's Lord Mayor's Show 32    
St Caedmon 40 Nature  
Fly Like A Bird 66 Some Sea Birds of Our Coast 15
Before Clocks were Invented 72 Terrapins and Tadpoles 37
The Donkey 77 Animal Camouflage 53
Bananas 86 Look For These In The Breeze 89
Racing Cars 87    
Would I have Looked Like This? 97