The Best of Eagle

Best of the Eagle comics is an anthology from the Eagle Comics of the 1950's reprinting many of the popular articles, stories and cutaway drawings from the first 8 years of the comic.

Original Price : Unknown.

Published by : Michael Joseph Ltd in 1977, then by Book Club Associates in 1978

Edited by : Marcus Morris

Dimensions : 21.5cm x 30.5cm with 196 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Three pages of Harris Tweed
  • Meet Captain Pugwash before he gained fame on T.V.
  • Read the letters and replies sent in by the readers
  • Learn about Marcus Morris and how he began the comic

This Best of Eagle book does not have contents page at the front but has a huge index at the end of the volume, which would be too large to reproduce here. A quick glance at the index reveals that many of the old favourites are covered in this book, for example:

  • Harris Tweed
  • Dan Dare
  • Riders of the Range / Jeff Arnold
  • Tommy Walls
  • P.C. 49
  • Professor Brittain

Yes, Tommy Walls was trying to sell you Ice Cream !

Throughout this book you gain an excellent idea about the contents and style of the Eagle Comics that these extracts are from. Not only are many old stories and articles reproduced, but there are many reprints of the advertisments that were in the comic. Some of these adverts tell you what other Eagle Annuals were available at the time, for example:

The Eagle Book of Magic is a very rare item to find intact. It was a book that contained a set of press-out models. Thus it is highly likely that the majority will have had one or more of the magic tricks pressed out from the book.