Eagle Annual 1970

Eagle Annual 1970 grows in size, physically, but shrinks in the number of pages. Aeromodelling gets a good review as does the subject of collecting picture cards. The regulars of Dan Dare and Guinea-pig show up as usual.

Original Price : 12s 6d (62½p)

Published by : Odhams Books Ltd in 1969

Dimensions : 23cm x 30.5cm with 116 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Dan Dare rides a hoverscooter
  • Blackbow fights off a cougar
  • The B.R.M. racing car is cutaway
  • E.S.P. gets a testing
Ransom for a Colt 4
Crossword Corner 8
The Iron Man 9
The Magic Mile 13
The Hoodoo 17
Farming the Sea Bed 21
Legends in Their Lifetime: Edward Whymper 25
Shadow of the Guillotine 28
Collecting Picture Cards 32
Both Feet on the Ground 36
The Great Race for Dawson 41
Mickey Merlin 46
Legends in Their Lifetime: Charlie Chaplin 50
Volunteer for Adventure 52
The Guinea-Pig 57
Undersea Patrol 61
Championship Cars: Bentley 4½-litre 66
The Iron Man 68
Men of Many Sports 72
Dan Dare and the World of Thought 77
Alfred the Great 81
Blackbow the Cheyenne 85
Scouts' World 90
Slumberjack 94
The Long Arm of Interpol 96
It's the Thought That Counts! 100
The Sky Buccaneers 102
Championship Cars: BRM 1½-litre 108
Satellite One-Zero 110