Eagle Annual 1971

Eagle Annual 1971 is the first published by IPC magazines physically shrinking again, but raising the page count as a compensation. Dan Dare seems to be the only regular carried over from previous issues leaving plenty of space for both fiction and non-fiction stories.

Original Price : 12s 6d (62½p)

Published by : IPC Magazines Ltd in 1970

Dimensions : 19.5cm x 27cm with 128 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Kamikazi Squadrons explained
  • Learn about the seaplane forerunners to the Spitfire
  • See how the West was Tamed
  • Understand Heraldic design
Round the World with Drake 2-3
The Race to the North Pole 5
Dan Dare and the Funfair of Death 7
The Story of William Tell 15
The Fall of Constantinople 17
Sink at Sight! 25
The Incredible Trek 26
Menace of the Tropic Seas 28
Track Chat 30
Iwo-Jima 33
Murder of a King 41
New Horses on the Old Trails 42
Deep-Sea Trawling 44
Birth of the Ashes 48
Drive to Danger 49
Daredevil Dragsters 52
The Lost City of the Incas 56
The Wonderful Story of Heraldry 62
The Taming of the West 70
The Wonderful World of Charles Dickens 76
The Bridge over the Remagen 81
The Race that helped to win a War 87
The Diving Dutchman 88
The Spanish Doubloon 90
Master Marksmen 96
Highways to Tomorrow 102
The Rescue of Arrow IV 103
In the Land of Oil 108
Land of the Corsairs 112
The Runner who Humiliated Hitler 114
Danger-Man at Work! 115
Suicide Squadron 120
The Lonely Men of the Sea 126