Eagle Annual 1972

Eagle Annual 1972 sees decimalisation hide a 12% rise in the price. Dan Dare fights the Mekon again and H.M.S. Victory is cutaway once more, only this time in colour. Time and its recording are explained.

Original Price : 70p

Published by : IPC Magazines Ltd in 1972

Dimensions : 19.5cm x 27cm with 128 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Learn about Admiral Nelson
  • The Shot that lead to World War 1
  • Find out who was the best football goalkeeper
  • Explore the Isle of Man's TT circuit
He Lived His Books 2
Dan Dare and the Mekon Menace 5
Descent to Danger 13
How Time Has Marched On 14
The Unseen Barrier 16
The Runaway Engine 19
The Bumper Bundles 26
Close Shave 31
The Beginnings of Flight 32
Special Investigator 40
The Siege of Castlemorrone 41
Football's Famous Families 49
Gladiator of the Skies 54
Poison in their Tentacles 56
The Battle for the Bridge 58
The Story of Swimming 60
The Balloon Buster 63
Nelson 66
H.M.S. Victory 72
The World's Most Important Motorcyle Race 74
The Shot that killed Millions 78
The Smoke Jumpers 80
Clouds of Sail 86
The Bombardment of Paris 88
The Train that Downed a Plane 95
Sixty to One 96
Well Saved 99
Contests of Strength and Skill 104
The Mystery of Grelsea Island 106
The Unfinished Duel 113
The Last Victory 121
Early Laughter Makers 125
The Wolf Rock Lighthouse 126