Eagle Annual 1973

Eagle Annual 1973 sees Dan Dare survive to fight another day and also has major articles on martial arts and fighting with foils. Also has a story on boxing. Violent times, perhaps?

Original Price : 75p

Published by : IPC Magazines Ltd, A Fleetway Annual in 1972

Dimensions : 19.5cm x 27.5cm with 128 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Pele appears to have a blue face
  • Attacked by Ants is followed by the Attack on Pearl Harbour
  • Digby is attacked by a sabre-toothed winged beast
  • Speed Champions shows how much Formula 1 has changed over the years
  page   page
Dan Dare and   Go-go gunners 59
  the Planet of Peril 4 String and struts 65
The king of football 13 Speed champions 74
The charioteers 18 The martial arts of Japan 81
The great train chase 22 The square ring 90
Christmas cards 33 Attacked by ants 91
Water sports above and below the   The attack on Pearl Harbour 97
  waves 34 Pleasure piers 98
The births of bridges 40 Portuguee's ride 100
Fencing with foils 43 The day the games ended 102
The aerial steam carriage 49 The heroes of Wembley 108
Winning with a wreck 50 Two pioneers of the space age 113
The battle of Johnson's drift 52 Chief Joseph's long march 116