Eagle Annual 1974

Eagle Annual 1974 has several pages of cartoons amongst its regulars. One page is dedicated to computer gags, with mice being the cause of a computer fault. Nothing changes...

Original Price : 80p

Published by : IPC Magazines Ltd, A Fleetway Annual in 1973

Dimensions : 19.5cm x 27.5cm with 128 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • The Mail man has his story told
  • A Man Called Nimble - I thought that was bread?
  • Learn about locks and keys
  • Practise a few simple magic tricks
Contents (adjusted from 3 columns to 2 for this web page)
Dan Dare and the Space Poachers 3 The Mountain 64
London Landmark 11 Britain's First Bobbies 65
Earthquake 12 Heroes in a Mission of Horror 66
Wolfe of Quebec 14 Tregarth's Luck 68
Super Savers! 16 Life Savers in Action 74
Did You Know? 18 Hard-to-Hit Warrior 75
All the Fun of the Fifth 19 Wartime Wonders 76
Duel in the Desert 20 One of the Bull Dog Breed 80
Have a Laugh 22 A Man Called Nimble 82
Eternal Water Baby 23 Guardians of Sport 92
The Story of Tin 24 Moving the Mail 96
The Day Theodore Got Them Hooked 26 The Lions are Loose 98
Face to Face with an A-Bomb 29 When Knights were Bold 100
Up to All Sorts of Tricks 36 Kidnapped by Texas Rangers 102
Shoes by the Million 38 Quick on the Draw 104
Trial by Battle 40 Hidden Dangers Below the Waves 105
Have a Laugh 48 The Better Man 106
Super Strikers! 49 They're a Big Hit! 108
To the Death! 50 What Do you Know About War? 111
World Cup Story 52 It's a Dog's Life 112
Have a Laugh 55 Danger - Computers at Work 113
Let's Lock Up! 56 Daredevil on the Devil's Tower 114
Brain Box 58 Crime-Busting - The Scientific Way 116
Balloons for Lumberjacks 60 Super Strikers! 119
Fun and Games in the Highlands 62 Secret of Lagoon Island 120