Eagle Annual 1975

Eagle Annual 1975 was the last of the first series. Times were changing rapidly as were boys' tastes in magazine and annuals. However, the old favourites such as Dan Dare made it through to the end, even if some of the others fell by the wayside. Odd that Dan Dare's rocket look suspiciously like a combination of Thunderbirds 1 and 3...

Original Price : 90p

Published by : IPC Magazine Ltd, A Fleetway Annual in 1974

Dimensions : 19cm x 27.5cm with 128 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Looking into Space predicts men on Mars
  • Focus your stamp collection on Railways
  • Ships Through the Ages says you could build a nuclear powered ship for £14,500,000 in 1962
  • Dan Dare misses out on a White Christmas
Dan Dare 4 Round the World By Rail 68
You Know Them - or Do You? 12 The Knight Who Never Was 70
Thumbing a Lift From the Sharks 13 Falling to Earth - At 120 Miles an Hour 73
El Bandido 16 They Don't Know Their Food ABC 76
Question Time 22 Trapped At Three Fathoms 79
Seeing Isn't Believing 24 Speedway - The Thrills and Spills Sport 81
Famous Fathers, Famous Sons 25 The Bandit Buster 86
Laugh Time 30 He was the Greatest Hoaxer of Them All 94
Danger in the Snow 32 Smile Please! 96
Finger Tip From Disaster 40 Nothing New Under the Sun - The Tank 97
Cook's Tour 41 Choose Your Car 98
Secret of the Forbidden Mountain 42 A Worthwhile Trip 100
The Phantom Raiders 45 Before the Take-Off 104
Hares On the Racing Track 46 So You Want To Be a Soccer Star? 106
Nothing New Under the Sun - Steam Turbine 49 Go On, Just Make a Guess! 110
Full Speed Ahead 50 Nothing New Under the Sun - The Compass 112
Greatest of Them All 54 Looking into Space 113
Nothing New Under the Sun - Cinerama 62 The Escape That Wasn't 118
Adventurers of the High Seas 63 Beast of the Gedauvan 120